audiobook are becoming more and more popular

He likes to read? Millions of people around the world like it, and the number continues to grow. Traditional books have been around for centuries, but there is a new way of reading that is growing in popularity: audiobooks. Audiobooks are spoken recordings (or automatically read by computer programs) of existing books or books created expressly for distribution in this audible format. They are usually on digital media (CD, DVD…) or can be downloaded directly from the Internet, in formats such as mp3, which makes them suitable for any device: PC, mobile phone, mp3 player, free audio booksetc.
Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular, but whether or not they are a good way to read is still debated. In this blog post, we»ll discuss the pros and cons of listening to books, and you can decide for yourself if it»s right for you.
What is an audiobook? It is the spoken version of a text, complete (unabridged) or reduced or abbreviated (abridged). In the latter case, the text is adjusted leaving out some unnecessary information, thus saving time (it can last up to 3 hours instead of 15). In this way, you can enjoy a good book even while doing other activities in